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LifeSwitch Addiction Counseling Services

We help those with alcohol and drug use issues discover and create a new path for life that is exponentially more rewarding and enjoyable than anything that can be found in a bottle or a pill.

A note from Mike

Mike LaTella

Alcohol & Drugs. Tricky stuff. With alcohol, we think we have it under control and before we know it we are over the cliff - absent a parachute. Sometimes it happens gradually over years and years – other times it seems that our first sip is the start point for a fast downhill road to self-destruction. Regardless, at some point our drinking spirals out of bounds and culminates in one big nasty event - a job loss, a DUI, or that fight that ends all fights with a spouse or a loved one. No matter how we reach this pit, the hole seems deep and hopeless. We know we can't keep going like this and yet, as crazy as it sounds, the obsession to drink teases us back for more. There seems to be no consequence so big it ends the urge. We try to quit, we try to cut back - nothing works. All we do it seems is set ourselves up for a bigger disaster down the road. And if it is drugs that steal our souls, things aren’t much different… just illegal adding a whole new array of problems. Or maybe you can't relate to any of this (YET) but still, you see your use slowly drifting outside the boundaries of social and recreational purpose and into the realm of habit and need. Family is worried about you; perhaps there are problems at work, the walls are closing in. You just need someone to talk to so you can figure it all out. I get it. I've been there. I can help. From my education to my experience, I specialize in substance use disorders. Helping you recover from this insanity is my passion.

Let’s talk. On the phone or face-to-face, let’s make sure LifeSwitch is the right fit. There is no fee for the consultation and if we can’t help, we will recommend a professional who can. Just click below and fill out the form and we will be back with you quickly, usually within a few hours.

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Professional, Personal & Confidential Counseling

For individuals struggling with alcohol or drug use and abuse

LifeSwitch provides compassion-filled, evidence-based counseling for those who find themselves struggling with alcohol and drug problems and can’t find their way out.

The LifeSwitch 14 week program is offered in a variety of intensities to ensure each client’s needs are met with appropriate treatment.

Approximately 85% of the clients who have completed the LifeSwitch 14 Week Program are still sober today.

The best days of your life are just ahead.

State Certified DUI Evaluations

By now you know a DUI in Georgia is a big mistake. Don’t make another one by getting an evaluation by someone who is not state certified.

In Georgia, DUI offenders are required to get a drug and alcohol evaluation administered by a state trained and certified counselor. The state provides a list of those approved. Check it out at the following link.­/MOPAS/ProviderSearch­/SearchDUIIPProvider.aspx

LifeSwitch offers certified evaluations for those who have had a DUI. It consists of several tests called “screenings” and a 30 minute clinical interview. You can come to our office to complete or do everything online from the comfort of your home.

Alcohol & Drug Assessments

Over the years we have administered hundreds of alcohol and drug assessments for reasons outside the criminal spectrum. From government entities including public schools and the armed forces to physicians and employers, LifeSwitch provides the area’s most effective, affordable and convenient solution for alcohol and drug evaluations. So, if you have been assigned as an individual or if you own or manage a business and need this service, please contact us. We would appreciate an opportunity to earn your business!

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